Grill station and green egg
Fire Pits & Outdoor Kitchens
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Garden installation in Gainesville GA
Man Cave
Art of Stone Gardening won an award from the Georgia Landscaping Association for this backyard overhaul.
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Fireplace and patio in Cleveland
Outdoor Fireplace and Pizza Oven
Enjoy pizza cooked in a wood stove? This fireplace is just what you want.
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Outdoor kitchen in hall county
Outdoor Kitchen
This kitchen gives an unused corner a practical and stylish purpose.
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Grill station for Big Green Eggs
Built in for Two Green Eggs
Lots of counter space for these two Green Eggs
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Firepit with swing arm for cooking
Firepit with Iron Cooking Pot
Backyard Cast Iron pot cooking area
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Firepit and grill in Dahlonega
Raised Firepit with Grate
Firepit built into a paving stone patio.
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Square firepit in pavers
Square Firepit with Grill Grate
Perfect space space firepit
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Firepit in concrete patio
Firepit in Concrete Patio
No room for firepit?
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