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Category: Water Features
18 Apr
Lily pond

Backyard Woodland Stream Water Feature

When adding a water feature to a garden, there are several options to consider. Small ponds and fountains are the most popular choices, for their compact sizes and simpler set up and maintenance. However, if there is enough room, a stream is the best of both and is easily maintained with a little know how. ..

20 Feb
Stone waterfall and steps

Beautiful Backyard Wall Waterfall

Anyone who visits North Georgia always has at least one waterfall on their list of things to see. We have several tucked away in our beautiful mountains, some waterfalls are visible from the highway others are only accessible by long hikes. Each one inspires and delights tourists and locals alike. However for some, just visiting..

30 Jul
Bubbling rock fountain and garden

Low Maintenance Water Garden

Just imagine, sitting outside on a cool spring morning, a warm mug steaming in your hands. Everything is the pale green of new beginnings and growing as fast as it can. On the breeze, you can hear the dancing laughter of the nearby stream. You are at peace. However, as bubbling brooks are in short..

04 Mar
Joe Pye Weed

Rain Gardens Clean Water and Beautify Your Garden

Install a rain garden to beautify your garden and protect the environment at the same time. The purpose of a rain garden is to capture rainwater runoff, slowing it down so that it soaks gently into the soil instead of racing quickly off your property. Undisturbed natural settings act like a great sponge: rain falls..

03 Mar
Dry creek bed and stone steps

Create a Dry Creek Bed in Your Garden

How and Why to create a dry creek bed in your garden. Erosion is a landscape killer. It strips topsoil and leaves ugly, bare patches in your garden. It can also harm the foundation of your home. But the great news is that dry creek beds are a beautiful way to solve your erosion problems...

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