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02 Jan
Juniper creeping over stone wall

Does your landscape have any bones?

Winter in North Georgia is not always a wonderland. What snow we do get is mostly ice and only causes trouble when it sticks around. And without picturesque silver white snow, most yards just look dead during the winter. Sound familiar? If so, your landscape needs some bones. The bones of a landscape are it’s..

06 Jun

Hydrangeas for Shade – Landscape Ideas

These days when you go to the plant nursery you can find hydrangeas for either sun or shade. Their blooming times are different and in the beginning of June the shade hydrangeas are kicking into gear and beginning to look spectacular. Flowering on most sun loving hydrangea types will be in a few weeks so..

16 May

What’s Blooming Now – May

We took a walk around the garden and want to share with you what is in bloom during May. This can help you plan your own landscape design with multi season interest in mind. You can have something in flower during every season! Spiderwort – An easy to grow native plant with pretty blue flowers...

24 Nov

Oakleaf Hydrangea for Southern Gardens

Oakleaf hydrangeas are one of our most beautiful native flowering shrubs. They are idea for Georgia residential landscapes as they are tough, shade tolerant plants which are naturally found growing in the forest understory. Oakleaf hydrangea provides multi season interest with large, uniquely shaped foliage in summer which will change to stunning shades of maroon,..

08 Oct

Shrubs for Butterfly, Bee and Pollinator Friendly Gardens

Food Source Plants for Pollinator and Butterfly Gardens When creating a garden to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects, shrubs are an important design element. Shrubs have a larger size than perennials so they offer a larger supply of nectar and pollen. They also provide shelter and permanent branches and twigs for caterpillars to..

23 Aug

Native Shrubs for a Bird Garden – Backyard Habitat

Attracting Wild Birds with Shrubs – Backyard Habitat Ideas Creating a bird friendly garden can be simple as long as you consider the important elements birds need for an attractive habitat. In this article we will look at native shrubs for a bird garden. You can supply important food source plants while also creating a..

04 Mar

Roses Are Red, Hydrangeas Are Blue . . . or Pink!

To Make Them Blue: The color of hydrangeas depends on the presence of aluminum and the acidity of the soil. In Georgia, the pH of the soil is usually low enough (pH 5.5 or lower) to allow plants to take up enough aluminum to produce beautiful blue flowers. To keep them blue, you can add..

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