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Category: Remodeling
14 May

Stone Mailboxes for Curb Appeal and Anti Vandalism

Architectural mailboxes are mailboxes that are enclosed inside a structure, most often a masonry structure. But are there any benefits to having one or is this a passing trend?   First of all, stone mailboxes are gorgeous. Unlike a boring post that you can buy at a hardware store, they can be built to match..

02 Sep
Wood and stone steps and patio in Gainesville Georgia

Back Door Landing and Stairs Home Remodeling

The back entrance to a home is often neglected because it isn’t often used. Unfortunately this can be both a safety and a fire hazard. Here, Art of Stone transformed a rundown back porch into a beautiful, easy to maintain patio.   As you can see, this back door is crowded with old junk and..

22 Jul
Block wall and parking area in Dahlonega

Gravel Parking Area and Retaining Wall

Hardscaping a Retaining Wall on a Hilly Site At Art of Stone Gardening, we take pride in doing landscaping—and hardscaping—the right way. In this story, we show how we improved a home on a hill by building a parking space that will last for many years to come. One of the challenges of living in..

04 Mar
Stone front entrance

Front Porch Fail – Home Remodeling

Nothing’s more beautiful than a new front porch. And nothing’s worse than a brand new porch that sags because of poor soil compaction. Have you ever filled a hole with dirt and then noticed later that the dirt in the hole is lower than the surrounding ground? That’s soil compaction. If poor soil compaction happens..

04 Mar
Stone wall around pool

Backyard Landscape Transformation

A backyard landscape makeover starts with a property owner that has lots of local rock. The owner of a Shenandoah Valley farmhouse in Virginia wanted to update landscape elements on his property. Luckily, his neighbor happened to have lots of local lime stone from a dilapidated ice house. Here you can see the pile of..

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