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07 Apr
Hosta Guacamole

Colorful Perennials for Shade

Shade gardens can be considered a problem area of a yard because often it is difficult for plants to be visible in darker areas. If you plan well and use plants with brightly colored leaves you can add  ‘pop’ even in a dark spot. Use plants with showy foliage in light colors to achieve both..

23 Mar
Hemerocallis Daylily

Reblooming Daylilies for Vibrant Summer Color

Daylilies are a classic plant for southern gardens. Not only do they produce large, spectacular flowers, they can withstand our heat and tolerate periods of drought. Previously a daylily would bloom for a short period in early to mid summer, then leave behind declining foliage. Later the Stella D’oro daylily was introduced which gave gardener’s..

04 Mar

Helleborus – Lenten Roses

Hellebores (sometimes known as Lenten Roses) are evergreen, winter and early spring blooming perennials that typically grow to one – one and a half feet tall and wide. These plants have a very long life span and grow well in filtered shade with winter sun. The plants are drought tolerant, deer-resistant and require little care...

04 Mar
Native Butterfly weed

Great Native Perennials for North Georgia

Spring is a great time to plant perennials. The hearty native plants on our Top 5 list enhance curb appeal, add fresh color to backyard landscapes, and complement your favorite outdoor living spaces. Suzanne from Art of Stone has selected these varieties because they thrive in sunny sites (where the sun shines from at least..

04 Mar
Herb garden

Fresh Landscaping Idea: Grow a Mediterranean Herb Garden

Your garden is a great place for you to grow Mediterranean herbs. Georgia’s climate is a good fit for Mediterranean herbs, like sage, oregano, and thyme. These plants love hot, dry conditions with plenty of sun, so they can thrive in Georgia’s long, hot summers–as long as you plant them in well-drained soils. This post..

03 Mar
Deer resistant lavender in Georgia

Got Deer? Make Your Garden Deer Resistant

Got deer? Make Your Garden Deer Resistant With Strong-Smelling Plants We get asked about deer-resistant gardening all the time. Deer are everywhere, and they’ll eat anything—including your prized azaleas and hosta! They eat tree leaves, too, up to almost six feet off the ground. Male deer damage trees by rubbing them with their antlers. Spring..

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