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Category: Garden Design
04 Mar
Joe Pye Weed

Rain Gardens Clean Water and Beautify Your Garden

Install a rain garden to beautify your garden and protect the environment at the same time. The purpose of a rain garden is to capture rainwater runoff, slowing it down so that it soaks gently into the soil instead of racing quickly off your property. Undisturbed natural settings act like a great sponge: rain falls..

03 Mar
Deer resistant lavender in Georgia

Got Deer? Make Your Garden Deer Resistant

Got deer? Make Your Garden Deer Resistant With Strong-Smelling Plants We get asked about deer-resistant gardening all the time. Deer are everywhere, and they’ll eat anything—including your prized azaleas and hosta! They eat tree leaves, too, up to almost six feet off the ground. Male deer damage trees by rubbing them with their antlers. Spring..

03 Mar
Dry creek bed and stone steps

Create a Dry Creek Bed in Your Garden

How and Why to create a dry creek bed in your garden. Erosion is a landscape killer. It strips topsoil and leaves ugly, bare patches in your garden. It can also harm the foundation of your home. But the great news is that dry creek beds are a beautiful way to solve your erosion problems...

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