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Shape your Crape the Right Way

Shape your Crape the Right Way

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Crape myrtle adds beauty to landscapes. It is hardy, drought resistant, and relatively disease free. Such a marvelous ornamental deserves our care and respect. So please, whatever you do, don’t “murder” your crape. That’s actually what landscapers jokingly call it when people cut back a crape myrtle’s large limbs and leave only stumps. What happens then is that a whole bunch of new growth will come out near the cut, which will make the plant look like “pom-poms on stalks,” according to the University of Georgia extension service. The thick growth also is more susceptible to aphids. The proper way to prune these lovely, summer-blooming plants is to selectively prune any limbs that are at least pencil width. Otherwise, leave the larger limbs to mature and create a graceful plant.

Here’s a link to more information about crape myrtles.

crape myrtle
Improperly pruned.

Properly pruned and thinned Crape Myrtle
Properly pruned and thinned Crape Myrtle.

Art of Stone landscaping company provides tree pruning services in the north Georgia area.

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  1. What a difference when it’s done right! The second one is so beautiful.

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