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Planning Our Garden

Planning Our Garden

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Planning Our Garden

Hi everyone! We took a break from landscape blogging while moving and setting up our new home in the trees in beautiful Dahlonega.

We are, of course, planning to plant like crazy and add lots of rocks. We’ve only been here two months, and Jason has already installed three enormous 1+ ton boulders! These massive beauties add interest and will look spectacular when surrounded by plantings.

large boulders

We found what we expected in the mountains: lots of shade and lots of deer. With that in mind, before leaving our last house in Gainesville, we dug up shade-tolerant and deer-resistant plants for relocation here: about 200 daffodil bulbs and at least 200 other kinds of plants. We will be writing more about deer later, but in the meantime check out our latest blog on deer resistance.

As this house is only 10 years old, we found extremely compacted clay soil around the foundation. Plants had been installed there, but most were not doing well, so I ripped many of them out. The following picture shows one of the shrubs I pulled. Note that it has almost no root ball. This is because it was planted in clay soil and only the soil in its hole was amended. The plant shows signs of rot due to the “bowl effect”: the hard clay surrounding the hole trapped water at the roots. The clay soil around the plant had not been sufficiently broken up or properly amended (see previous article on amending soils).

circling roots

Circling roots

Please follow us in 2016. I will update you as we transform our new mountain home. I’ll also keep writing about timely gardening and landscaping.

Jason and Suzanne Brosche


  1. Will definitely be following your guys journey. Good luck!

  2. Love the huge rocks Suzanne and Jason this is exactly what I want to do around our house , cant wait to see your place in the spring after you guys start new planting

    • Thanks Darlene!

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