North Georgia Gardening Tips
05 Dec

Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Nothing is cozier than sitting by a fire on a clear winter night; the crackle of the flames, hot coco, snuggled up under blankets with people you love. However, an open, wood burning fireplace on a wood deck takes preparation and maintenance. The homeowners, Vicki and Joe decided on an outdoor gas fireplace instead. Before..

30 Oct

Thrilling Container Gardens

Container gardens are currently all the rage. Filled with perennials and annuals, herbs and kale, and any other small plant, container gardens add bright splashes of color anywhere you can fit a pot! But as complicated as they seem, there’s a trick to a successful container garden. And I’ll even share the secret formula: thriller,..

25 Oct

Spring Bulbs

In North Georgia, Tulips and daffodils are the heralds of spring. The bulbs are best planted between Thanksgiving and Christmas. These spring flowers need to be chilled for 12 to 16 weeks in order to bloom. So by planting them in the fall, they have all winter to chill and are ready to bloom by..

25 Oct

Whats Blooming Now – November

Just because the summer heat is officially (finally) gone doesn’t mean that all the flowers are too. We still have a few more weeks of bright, beautiful blooms. Chrysanthemums are the flowers of fall. However all the ‘mums that are sold in big box stores are usually double ‘mums’, meaning that they were bred to..

03 Oct

What’s Blooming Now – October

It may be October in North Georgia but thankfully, it is still warm enough to see some beautiful fall flowers. Some of these started earlier in the year and others are just now popping out. Salvia greggi ‘Lipstick’ is a show stopping Salvia. This variety blooms from May through November. As with other salvias, it is..

02 Oct

Drainage and Erosion

Any time any kind of construction is mentioned on this blog, drainage is always the second talking point. That’s because when it comes to construction, water is the enemy. Overly saturated soil can blow out retaining walls, improperly installed drainage pipes can cause sink holes, and uncontrolled runoff can flood a basement or erode the..

26 Sep

Maintenance Plans

Every garden needs a base line of maintenance to keep the plants healthy and debris free. It can get over whelming trying to keep up with everything your garden needs but Art of Stone Gardening can help. We have a variety of maintenance plans for every garden’s needs. We can help you stay on top..

18 Aug

Eastern Hemlocks for Homeowners

  The hemlock plays an important ecological role in our eastern forests. It is considered a foundational species which means a hemlock forest creates and defines an entire ecological community within itself. They are known as the ‘redwood of the east’ and like a redwood forest, a hemlock forest has an ecological system which is..

13 Aug

Poolside Pavers Alongside a Swimming Pool

When deciding what paving material to use for your new patio or driveway overhaul, there are several options. Concrete is the most basic choice, every one has it, and it’s relatively cheap to install. For an elegant look with more pizzazz, stone is a great option but will cost a very pretty penny. In the..

01 Aug

What’s Blooming Now – July

  Summer is in full swing and there is plenty in flower. We took our stroll around the garden to let you know what is in bloom for July. We keep you posted monthly in order to help you plan a multi-season landscape design for your own yard! Black Eyed Susan – This cheerful North..