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Hugel – What??

Hugel – What??

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Do you want to create a vibrant, healthy, productive garden that needs little watering? Then consider hugelkultur. That’s right. Hugelkultur. Say it with me: hoo-gull-kul-cher.

Hugelkultur is a traditional German style of planting that is gaining popularity on this side of the Atlantic. A hugelkultur garden is a long mound made of logs, branches, and soil. The mound can be any length and is typically 3 feet to 6 feet high. The base of the mound is made from logs piled with branches that are covered with soil and then mulch, such as straw, on top. Seeds are planted directly into the sides of the long hill.

Hugelkultur creates a rich, moist environment for gardening. Over the years, as the logs and branches in the base of the mound decompose, they slowly release their nutrients into the soil. The logs and branches also hold and release water like a sponge so, after the first year, less irrigation of the mound is needed.

A good way to begin learning about hugelkultur is to look at some examples.

  • This video shows how to build a small mound.
  • Here’s footage showing what a mound can produce after just a couple of months.
  • This video provides general background.
  • Because of hugelkultur’s water-storing properties, these gardeners are creating long mounds.


Hugelkultur Mound

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  1. That is SO awesome!

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