Garden and Landscape Design

A Plan for Your Lifestyle

An Art of Stone design is a plan for the future, drafted and implemented by degreed experts. Our seasoned horticulturist knows how to combine plants with your site conditions to make your landscape flourish. Renovations are one of our specialties, and we enjoy creating new looks for existing gardens. At Art of Stone, your personal lifestyle is important to us. A landscape design by us is tailored to how you live.

Property Assessment

Your landscape project will start with an on-site design consultation. We begin with an in-depth look at the area around your home. Together, we assess your property and your vision. We consider all conditions, including existing landscape plants, sunlight or shade, soil type, water and drainage needs, and which trees and shrubs perform best in your microclimate. Art of Stone will talk with you about your options to determine what works best with your lifestyle and wishes. Together, we will create the best plan of action for a practical, appealing, and harmonious outdoor space.

Landscape Design Plan

Hand Drawn, CAD and Photo Enhanced Plans

After we analyze and evaluate the space, we will craft a custom design. A design from Art of Stone balances your needs with your environment to create lasting beauty. Depending on what you are looking for, we can create hand- or CAD-scaled landscape plans or simply a photo-enhanced image of your new space.

Full Installation of Your Custom Landscape Plan

After you approve a landscape design, Art of Stone offers complete installation and construction services. Your designer is actively involved in every step of the process, working on-site to cultivate the ideal finished product.

We have the knowledge and equipment to fully install your new landscape. Our experienced staff will ensure your new trees and shrubs will be planted correctly so they thrive and beautify your home for years to come. From breaking ground to pick-up and delivery of landscape plants, Art of Stone makes projects as simple as possible. We handle all jobs from planting large ball and burlap trees, installing foundation shrubs, and establishing perennial borders, right down to the final touch of mulching your new landscape.

A Variety of Landscaping Challenges

Art of Stone specializes in solving unique landscaping challenges. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to handle the tough southern climate in Georgia. We succeed in all trouble spots:

  • Shade Gardens
  • Wet Areas
  • Full Sun Spots
  • Xeriscaping
  • Large or Small Privacy Screens and Living Walls
  • Hillside Gardening
  • Narrow Space Landscapes