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Feathered Friends Need Our Help

Feathered Friends Need Our Help

in Wildlife | 2 comments

There are many things we can do to help birds survive during the winter months.

  • Birds need plenty of calories to make it through cold temperatures. They burn an incredible amount of energy just trying to stay warm, which is why birdfeeders made with high-fat ingredients like suet or even peanut butter are popular. Various seeds provide more calories and other essential nutrients.
  • Fresh water is hard to come by in a deep freeze. Heated birdbaths are available for use in the winter. You can also place a non-heated birdbath in a sunny place, where it can thaw and provide drinking water for several hours a day.
  • Birds need shelter. Pine trees and bird houses are good places for birds to get out of the wind. Some bird-lovers set out natural fibers that won’t hold water—like scraps of wool yarn or even hair clippings. The birds use these materials to insulate their nests.
  • Check with your local chapter of the Audubon Society for more suggestions on providing for—and enjoying—our feathered friends all year long. This link is to the Atlanta Chapter: .
  • The Georgia Department of Natural Resources also has some valuable information. Here are their tips for backyard bird feeding:




  1. Suzanne, I came across a website that looks promising if one is trying to attract birds with the right type of plants. It’s from the
    Pennsylvania Audubon Society. Because it’s from Pennsylvania, some of the recommended plants may not be native to Georgia, but many of them are very suitable for around here.

    One just chooses which bird is desired, and the search tool will list all the plants appropriate for that species of bird. Or, one can choose a plant and the search tool will tell you all the birds that prefer that plant for either its fruit, seed, the cover it provides, or nesting. Pretty cool.

  2. I just saw a cardinal outside my window this morning! So beautiful against the white snow. Thank you for sharing these tips on how to help our feathered friends.

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