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Creative Gardening Advice – Uncover the Beauty of Your Home!

Creative Gardening Advice – Uncover the Beauty of Your Home!

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Gardening designs play an influential role in determining the look and feel of our homes, but as careful as we are about our own appearances, we may not have time to put much thought into the presentation of our beloved sanctuaries. Next time you venture outside, take a look at the size of your house. Does it seem smaller now than when you pulled up in the moving truck and saw your home for the first time? If so, there’s no need to worry. I promise it didn’t shrink, but your trees and shrubs have definitely grown making your house appear smaller. Over time, your shrubbery has slowly overshadowed the exterior of your house, but before you get out your clippers, put my professional landscaping advice on scale (the ratio of plant size to house size) into practice. Recapture the beauty of your home, and watch it grow before your eyes!

As you begin the process of redesigning your landscape and choosing new plants, keep scale in mind to ensure that the shrubbery will not overpower your home. For instance, those with a two-story house will want taller, more elongated plants to balance the size of the house with its surroundings. Those with a ranch-style house, however, will want slow growing plants that grow fuller instead of taller so that they do not overshadow the beauty of the home. Remember that scale is not based on a plant’s current size, but on the size it will be once it has reached maturity. This tip will save you lots of pruning and frustration down the road.

The pictures below show a ranch style home before and after a remodeling. Removing the shrubs helps to open up and lighten the house and show off the new stonework.

House with improperly proportioned shrubs

House with improperly proportioned shrubs

House with low shrubs

House with properly scaled shrubs.

Lost that home curb appeal? An understanding of the art and science of landscaping is the key to maintaining the beauty of your home, and as you now know, the correct ratio of shrubbery to house creates balance and harmony. Not sure where to start?

For north Georgia residents Art of Stone offers full landscape design and installation services or garden consultation. Call 770-519-6372. Tell me about your concerns, and together we will bring the home you knew and loved out from its hiding spot behind the shrubs.


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