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Cold Weather To-Do List

Cold Weather To-Do List

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Help maintain your landscape during the colder months with the following ideas:

  • Cut back perennials. While you are “deadheading,” or cutting back, perennials or other hardy herbaceous plants, consider moving some of them to change the look of your garden or landscape when spring arrives. Here is a very informative article on moving perennials by Dennis Hinkamp:
  • Continue planting trees and shrubs. As long as the ground is not frozen, you can continue adding trees and shrubs. Hold off on pruning, though. Woody shrubs and trees should be pruned in the early spring.
  • Plant deer-tolerant bulbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Did you know that the humble daffodil is deer tolerant? The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has even more great ideas for different bulbs (and other plants) that are not favored by deer:
  • Use your leaves. You can use your leaves for mulch as long as you first shred them with your mower. They can also be used in your compost pile. If space allows, keep a pile of shredded leaves next to your compost so you can alternate layers of green trimmings or vegetable scraps with brown layers of shredded leaves. Beware, though, of certain varieties of leaves from trees like oak and walnut; these might not be desirable for certain uses. For specifics, check out this article from the Oregon State University Extension Service:
  • Water your plants during the winter. They can dry out if we do not have sufficient rainfall.
  • Put up bird feeders. If you’d like to attract local and migratory birds, be sure to put out the right kind of feed. It’s also important to feed birds consistently throughout the winter months, as birds come to rely on regular sources of food. Having native trees and shrubs will ensure year-round food for birds. Our avian friends also will benefit from having access to water and cover. More information can be found at
  • Turn off and disconnect your garden hose. Make sure you do this before the first hard freeze to avoid damage to your garden hose and outdoor plumbing fixtures.
  • Read! Winter is the perfect time to read books and make plans for spring. Here are some suggestions:
  • My new favorite book: Tallamy, Douglas W. Bringing Nature Home. How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants
  • For the die-hard plant enthusiast: Dirr, Michael. Manual of Woody Landscape Plants.
  • The Southern Living Garden Book.

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