Category: Trees
18 Aug

Eastern Hemlocks for Homeowners

  The hemlock plays an important ecological role in our eastern forests. It is considered a foundational species which means a hemlock forest creates and defines an entire ecological community within itself. They are known as the ‘redwood of the east’ and like a redwood forest, a hemlock forest has an ecological system which is..

23 Jul

Why You Want to Plant a Sourwood Tree

  Sourwood Oxydendrum arboreum is one of our most beautiful native trees and a stand out in an ornamental landscape design. This small tree preforms well in cultivation and offers multi seasonal beauty so it’s difficult to understand why they aren’t used in home gardens more often. They are low maintenance, adaptable, have no serious..

05 Mar

Small to Mid Size Native Trees for Fall Color

When homeowners consider adding a small tree to a landscape design they are most likely going to consider size and flowering. However, in order to create a high impact design, there is more to selecting a tree than these two qualifications. You should also think of the canopy shape, environmental needs and multi seasonal interest...

26 Feb

Mid Size Native Trees for Home Landscapes

Trees are the foundation of any landscape design and should be selected carefully. Native trees are always a first choice due to the fact that they survive well after all, you will be planting them their native environment. Most smaller yards cannot support canopy sized native trees however there are options for small and mid..

26 Jan

Weeping Japanese Maple Trees

Japanese maples are much sought after trees for southern landscapes and the weeping forms can be among the most beautiful. They are stunning as front yard specimens, near an entryway or can even be planted in containers. Due to the delicate lace leaf foliage, weeping Japanese maples can easily burn in hour hot Georgia sun...

01 Jan

Small Trees for Pollinator and Butterfly Gardens

Trees for Pollinator and Butterfly Gardens Carefully considering which trees to plant when designing a garden for butterflies and pollinators is crucial. Simply die to their size, a tree can offer a lot of food at once to wildlife. You can create a pollinator friendly yard and still have an attractive landscape by including the..

28 Aug

Trees for Bird Garden Design – Backyard Habitat

Attracting Wild Birds with Trees – Backyard Habitat Ideas Trees are an important element of successful bird garden design. They offer shelter and protection from predators, nesting sites as well as may provide a food source for songbirds. Trees which produce fruit or berries for birds will ensure that they visit your yard! A good..

16 Jul

Best Large Privacy Screen Trees

Many homeowners have large, open areas where they wish to plant a privacy hedge, windbreak or property border screen. Leland cypress has long been a popular choice but as mentioned in a previous post, it may not be the best one. Leyland cypress has become a problem tree due to pests and disease and many..

12 May

Upright Japanese Maples – Beyond Emperor I

Most of us are familiar with upright red leaf Japanese maple trees. They are a common sight in front yards and can be beautiful specimens which stand out if taken care of. Commonly these are Bloodgood or Emperor I cultivars which reach to a height of about 20′. However this height and color may not..

04 Mar

Plan to Prune Trees and Shrubs

When early spring arrives, one of the first landscape tasks will be pruning some of your plants. Pruning ornamentals really means “thinning” them: selectively cutting back individual limbs to a side branch or main trunk. What you probably don’t want to do is to “hedge” your plant, or cut all branches to the same length...