Category: Stonework/Construction
05 Dec

Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Nothing is cozier than sitting by a fire on a clear winter night; the crackle of the flames, hot coco, snuggled up under blankets with people you love. However, an open, wood burning fireplace on a wood deck takes preparation and maintenance. The homeowners, Vicki and Joe decided on an outdoor gas fireplace instead. Before..

02 Oct

Drainage and Erosion

Any time any kind of construction is mentioned on this blog, drainage is always the second talking point. That’s because when it comes to construction, water is the enemy. Overly saturated soil can blow out retaining walls, improperly installed drainage pipes can cause sink holes, and uncontrolled runoff can flood a basement or erode the..

13 Aug

Poolside Pavers Alongside a Swimming Pool

When deciding what paving material to use for your new patio or driveway overhaul, there are several options. Concrete is the most basic choice, every one has it, and it’s relatively cheap to install. For an elegant look with more pizzazz, stone is a great option but will cost a very pretty penny. In the..

30 Jul

Enjoy Summer with a Swimming Pool

Summers in Georgia are no joke. Even up towards the mountains, the humidity can make it feel like it’s a hundred something degrees. Backyard pools are the perfect place to spend the summer. Invite friends, family, and neighbors for a day of fun. Or maybe just invite yourself and that book that’s lived on your..

16 Jul

House Front Remodel from Brick to Stone

Vinyl siding is one of the most affordable options when it comes to the exterior of your home. Its durable, easy to clean, but its very dull looking. While ideal for pinching pennies, vinyl siding makes for a very forgettable house. One solution is to have an accent panel, or a singular area of siding..

28 Jun

Stone Foot Bridge

  For those of us who grew up on stories of fairies sleeping in flowers and goblins wearing mushroom hats, we dreamed of a garden bursting with blooms and enough herbs to heal any aliment. Luckily for us, North Georgia has a magical range of native plants and even more that thrive here. However, no..

14 Jun

Retaining Wall Replacement from Wood To Allan Block

Retaining walls are a necessity in the mountains, where little flat land exists. Two of the main types of retaining walls are made of wood or cement blocks. Both materials have their pros and cons, so which one would be best for your landscape? The first question to ask is whether or not the wall..

27 May

Using Stone for Landscape Borders and Edging

An abrupt end of dirt or mulch is usually the only indication of the border of a garden bed. While this may work for some beds, adding a physical barrier has multiple benefits.   Borders can be made of any material imaginable. Popular mediums include metal, wood, plastic, and stone. Stone is the most preferable..

14 May

Stone Mailboxes for Curb Appeal and Anti Vandalism

Architectural mailboxes are mailboxes that are enclosed inside a structure, most often a masonry structure. But are there any benefits to having one or is this a passing trend?   First of all, stone mailboxes are gorgeous. Unlike a boring post that you can buy at a hardware store, they can be built to match..

23 Apr

Stone Steps and Golf Cart Path

Life on Lake Lanier is ideal in more ways than one. However for many homeowners, getting down to the lake is less so. Steep lots and mountain side homes don’t always provide a naturally safe path to the water. Many homes are also quite a ways from the lake. For one family who had just..