Category: Perennials
11 Apr

What’s Happening Now – April

We are officially two weeks into spring and no one has told the weather. These random cold snaps can be deadly for plants that are just sprouting and potted plants. If you’re worried about the new little shoots in your garden, try covering them with plastic or garden fleece. This will help keep them from..

12 Dec

What’s Blooming Now- Red-iculously Colorful

Winter flowers are few and far between but that doesn’t mean your landscape has to be completely colorless this year. In place of flowers, look for trees and shrubs with winter berries. Often times, these plants are evergreen so they also act as bones in your landscape. Pyracantha is a large evergreen shrub with wicked..

03 Oct

What’s Blooming Now – October

It may be October in North Georgia but thankfully, it is still warm enough to see some beautiful fall flowers. Some of these started earlier in the year and others are just now popping out. Salvia greggi ‘Lipstick’ is a show stopping Salvia. This variety blooms from May through November. As with other salvias, it is..

22 Jun

What’s Blooming Now – June

In keeping with our monthly post on what is blooming in our gardens we took a stroll to see what is in flower for June. Hopefully we can give you some ideas for planning your own landscape so you can ensure a continuous flow of blooms for all seasons.   Daylilies – The daylilies are..

16 May

What’s Blooming Now – May

We took a walk around the garden and want to share with you what is in bloom during May. This can help you plan your own landscape design with multi season interest in mind. You can have something in flower during every season! Spiderwort – An easy to grow native plant with pretty blue flowers...

20 Jun

Native Ferns for Southern Gardens

Using native ferns adds a unique texture to a landscape design. Ferns can look magnificent in mass plantings and are a best pick for low spots on a property or drainage areas. Plants native to the south are always a good choice because they are adapted to living in our southern climate and this rule..

25 May

Perennials to Attract Butterflies, Pollinators – Backyard Habitat

Food Source Perennial Plants for Butterflies, Moths and Native Bees With the increase in awareness regarding the decline of native bee populations, many home gardeners are now creating pollinator safe zones in their yard. These safe zones are areas where you don’t use chemicals or pesticide sprays but instead grow a selection of pollinator food..

07 Apr

Colorful Perennials for Shade

Shade gardens can be considered a problem area of a yard because often it is difficult for plants to be visible in darker areas. If you plan well and use plants with brightly colored leaves you can add  ‘pop’ even in a dark spot. Use plants with showy foliage in light colors to achieve both..

23 Mar

Reblooming Daylilies for Vibrant Summer Color

Daylilies are a classic plant for southern gardens. Not only do they produce large, spectacular flowers, they can withstand our heat and tolerate periods of drought. Previously a daylily would bloom for a short period in early to mid summer, then leave behind declining foliage. Later the Stella D’oro daylily was introduced which gave gardener’s..

04 Mar

Helleborus – Lenten Roses

Hellebores (sometimes known as Lenten Roses) are evergreen, winter and early spring blooming perennials that typically grow to one – one and a half feet tall and wide. These plants have a very long life span and grow well in filtered shade with winter sun. The plants are drought tolerant, deer-resistant and require little care...