Category: Garden Design
30 Jul

Enjoy Summer with a Swimming Pool

Summers in Georgia are no joke. Even up towards the mountains, the humidity can make it feel like it’s a hundred something degrees. Backyard pools are the perfect place to spend the summer. Invite friends, family, and neighbors for a day of fun. Or maybe just invite yourself and that book that’s lived on your..

22 Jun

What’s Blooming Now – June

In keeping with our monthly post on what is blooming in our gardens we took a stroll to see what is in flower for June. Hopefully we can give you some ideas for planning your own landscape so you can ensure a continuous flow of blooms for all seasons.   Daylilies – The daylilies are..

06 Jun

Hydrangeas for Shade – Landscape Ideas

These days when you go to the plant nursery you can find hydrangeas for either sun or shade. Their blooming times are different and in the beginning of June the shade hydrangeas are kicking into gear and beginning to look spectacular. Flowering on most sun loving hydrangea types will be in a few weeks so..

16 May

What’s Blooming Now – May

We took a walk around the garden and want to share with you what is in bloom during May. This can help you plan your own landscape design with multi season interest in mind. You can have something in flower during every season! Spiderwort – An easy to grow native plant with pretty blue flowers...

28 Jan

Curb Appeal – Landscape Makeover with Boulder Wall

The goal of designing a landscape is to enhance the beauty that already exists while also creating a functional space. For example, this boulder wall is absolutely stunning, but it also serves several purposes in this landscape.   Having a slope above a drive happens more often than not in North Georgia. It’s a beautiful..

07 Dec

Artist’s Retreat Garden

Nature is mankind’s greatest inspiration. Artists, engineers, pharmacists, and chemists look to the world around them to find answers to questions we don’t even understand yet. We have made helicopters inspired by humming birds, medicines that replicate natural remedies,  solar panels that imitate photosynthesis, and Van Gogh’s Starry Night speaks for itself. Even Albert Einstein once said,..

20 Oct

Driveway Island Redo Refreshes Landscape

This was a fun project! The photo below shows what the landscape looked like before we started. The yard had been neglected, and the shrubs and trees were overgrown. The driveway island was the first place we tackled. These poor hollies had been pruned to death and were FULL of wasps. It took us three..

06 Sep

Stepping Stones with Ajuga

Flagstone pathways are simple, elegant, and easy to customize. Their natural look and classic style make them very popular, especially in gardens. However, unlike with solid pathways, weeds can easily grow between the flagstones. Gravel, mulch, and other inert materials are often used to fill the gaps, but weeds can still take root. Another option..

04 Sep

Hedgerows for Wildlife Gardens – Backyard Habitat

  One of the best things homeowners can do to help wildlife is to create a hedgerow on their property. Birds, bats, beneficial insects and other animals have suffered due to loss of habitat and a hedgerow is a step toward offering a place for them to live, breed and find food. Not only will..

16 Jul

Best Large Privacy Screen Trees

Many homeowners have large, open areas where they wish to plant a privacy hedge, windbreak or property border screen. Leland cypress has long been a popular choice but as mentioned in a previous post, it may not be the best one. Leyland cypress has become a problem tree due to pests and disease and many..