Category: Garden Design
06 Mar

Pick Your Pebbles

Most homes or gardens have some kind of gravel; in pathways, driveways, drains, or simply as an accent. The kind of gravel you choose depends on the project and the surrounding landscape. There are two major categories when it comes to gravel, crushed stone and river rock. Crushed stone is often made from granite or..

20 Feb

Locally Grown Landscapers

Any one can dig a hole in the ground and put in a plant. But if that’s all you do, the plant might survive but it won’t thrive. Along the same line, you can plant any kind of plant any where. But will it live? Is it adapted to survive the heat of a North..

10 Jan

Step it Up! Stylish Stone

How often do you think about your outdoor stairs? Probably not very often unless someone trips and falls on them. As the ground shifts over the years or as wood rots away, your stairs can become uneven or hollow. So if your steps start to look like the ones below, it might be time to..

02 Jan

Does your landscape have any bones?

Winter in North Georgia is not always a wonderland. What snow we do get is mostly ice and only causes trouble when it sticks around. And without picturesque silver white snow, most yards just look dead during the winter. Sound familiar? If so, your landscape needs some bones. The bones of a landscape are it’s..

30 Oct

Thrilling Container Gardens

Container gardens are currently all the rage. Filled with perennials and annuals, herbs and kale, and any other small plant, container gardens add bright splashes of color anywhere you can fit a pot! But as complicated as they seem, there’s a trick to a successful container garden. And I’ll even share the secret formula: thriller,..

25 Oct

Spring Bulbs

In North Georgia, Tulips and daffodils are the heralds of spring. The bulbs are best planted between Thanksgiving and Christmas. These spring flowers need to be chilled for 12 to 16 weeks in order to bloom. So by planting them in the fall, they have all winter to chill and are ready to bloom by..

25 Oct

Whats Blooming Now – November

Just because the summer heat is officially (finally) gone doesn’t mean that all the flowers are too. We still have a few more weeks of bright, beautiful blooms. Chrysanthemums are the flowers of fall. However all the ‘mums that are sold in big box stores are usually double ‘mums’, meaning that they were bred to..

03 Oct

What’s Blooming Now – October

It may be October in North Georgia but thankfully, it is still warm enough to see some beautiful fall flowers. Some of these started earlier in the year and others are just now popping out. Salvia greggi ‘Lipstick’ is a show stopping Salvia. This variety blooms from May through November. As with other salvias, it is..

01 Aug

What’s Blooming Now – July

  Summer is in full swing and there is plenty in flower. We took our stroll around the garden to let you know what is in bloom for July. We keep you posted monthly in order to help you plan a multi-season landscape design for your own yard! Black Eyed Susan – This cheerful North..