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Bog Your Garden!

Bog Your Garden!

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Do you have a wet patch in your landscape that never dries out? What about a muddy area next to an existing pond? Consider turning those problem areas into assets by converting them into moisture-loving bog gardens.

A bog garden is an installed, mini-wetland that hosts moisture-loving plants. A bog garden shouldn’t be confused with a rain garden, which holds moisture only for a short while before it soaks into the soil (see this post for more about rain gardens). Unlike rain gardens, bog gardens stay wet. However, a well-built bog garden should not have standing water, so it won’t attract mosquitoes.

The following tips on bog gardens from University of Illinois Extension and the Royal Horticultural Society can help get you started:

  • Choose a level, sunny spot for your garden.
  • Dig down at least one-and-a-half feet to accommodate root systems of mature plants.
  • Line the pit with a sheet of pond liner (if the area is always naturally wet, you may not need the liner).
  • Cover the bottom of the excavation with a layer of gravel.
  • Poke drainage holes around the periphery of the pond liner one foot below the soil surface.

Add more soil than will fit the hole. Let the soil settle for about a week before planting. Plants that thrive in a moist environment include Day Lilies, Siberian Iris, Phlox, Primrose, Golden Rod, and Periwinkle.

Important note: keep an eye on the moisture level. A bog garden should be located in a place where the soil never dries out. If you end up having to water your bog garden to keep the moisture-loving plants alive, you should probably consider a different landscaping solution for that area.

Art of Stone’s landscaping pros can work with you to properly locate and install your bog garden. They can also help you choose the best plants. Feel free to contact Art of Stone anytime.

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